A new foundation for IT security

It is becoming increasingly demanding for companies and public authorities to handle IT security as more tasks are digitised.

Secure identification based on FIDO and PKI

The methods complement each other and optimal for various purposes such as secure login, digital signing and encryption.

Whitepaper: secure digital identity

A new approach to security, usability, and compliance.

the right to be safe

Take care of your digital security, identity and mobility in a way that offers advantages and strengthens your business.



In our increasingly digitalized society, we are more dependent than ever on data and networks, both privately and in the workplace. In our opinion, it is a democratic right that anyone can act digitally in any context and unleash their full potential without being deprived or intimidated.


Liga creates safe environments for people, organizations, and companies. In our view, everyone should benefit from the new digitalized reality, where unhindered access to information and unlimited mobility are indispensable requirements. Therefore, we are generous with our knowledge and gladly take responsibility for setting the agenda within our industry.


While the world is in constant motion and we are seeing an increasing degree of digitization, automation and connectivity, new challenges follow in the wake of the good intentions. For Liga, it is crucial that the new reality aligns with the democratic processes, and this requires reliable products and solutions. We invite to learn more about our offering.

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Universal 2-Factor Authentication Enrollment Solution

Enables a fully integrated process-lifecycle of a user’s Secure Digital Identity.

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