600Minutes Information and Cyber Security

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Without Sharing – No Knowledge

Liga’s Bjarke Alling will be speaking at the upcoming 600Minutes Cyber Security event that brings together CISOs and Information Security experts from the largest organizations in Denmark to discuss on the latest innovations and strategies within the cyber security fraternity.

Bjarke Alling will be focusing on the topic: Without Sharing – No Knowledge

You can view the cyber threat as a flood threat. If you live in a landscape with a big risk of floods, you can keep putting up sandbags, but at some point, to ensure long-term safety, you should probably consider building a dyke instead. According to Bjarke Alling, Chair of the National Danish Cybersecurity Council, we need to collaborate across sectors to build this metaphorical dyke and ensure that crucial knowledge on cyber security and breaches is circulated and shared.

In this moderated interview, Bjarke will share insights on the latest National Strategy for Cyber and Information Security, dive into which barriers we face now in the exchange of valuable experiences across sectors, and shed light on how we can overcome them together (from event webside).

The 600minutes Information and Cyber Security is a virtual event that will be taking place on 11. November 2021.

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