About Liga

The right to integrity

The world is in the midst of a digital revolution. All parts of our everyday lives are affected by digital solutions, and although this facilitates many tasks, it also presents us with challenges in maintaining our integrity, knowledge and privacy – both from the government, companies, and criminals. Therefore, it is the mission of Liga to protect values, resources, and opinions to make it possible for individuals and groups to act freely in public space.

Bjarke Alling

“At a time when it is more important than ever to stand guard over the right to be yourself – in public and in private – we develop and deliver IT solutions that make a positive contribution to the new digital reality and help setting people free. We promote IT security because security promotes well-being.”

 – Bjarke Alling, Group Managing Director

Manual processes are replaced by digital processes. Automation and the use of AI are moving forward. This paves the way for new business models and the ability to free the potential for further human growth and development.

At Liga, we promote a process that respects the integrity of the individual.

Free the potential


Liga supports the release of creative and productive resources through meaningful solutions to our digital everyday life. Our business is based on empathy, insight and knowledge, which we make readily available to customers and partners. As we see it, this is crucial to running a healthy business in the long run.

“Liga is based on over 20 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of digital processes. We contributed when the internet accelerated, and we still help set the pace of the ongoing digital revolution. This unique experience provides a solid foundation for the services we offer individuals as well as private and public companies.”

 – Jens Nielsen, CEO

New reality!

The workplaces of the future will be completely different from today. The next level mobility and automation puts great demands on safety, and it is important to act now to keep up with the opportunities.


Since 1999, Liga has built up a network of resellers. We provide our own portfolio of products and a unique insight into cyber security. We hand-pick suppliers and believe in long-term relationships. 

Further, we offer training and advice that ultimately results in a secure private space for the individual IT user. Join us to join the new reality of the digitalized society and next-level safety. 

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