Bigger, Better, Hybrid. The European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021

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Meet Liga's Bjarke Alling at The European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021 in Munich.

The four day Conference has a focus on Digital Identity and is filled with industry leading speakers and exceptional content. Some of the key topics are Identity Defined Security, Zero Trust, Identity Governance and Administration, Decentralized Identity and much more on identity and cloud.

Bjarke Allings speaker sessions

On September 13
Panel: Identity, Privacy, Security – The European Perspective

On September 14
Bad things that Can Happen

On September 15
How Denmark is Building the Cyberprotection Bridge Between the Private and Public Sectors: The National Danish Cybersecurity Council

Bjarke Alling is Group Director of Liga, Member of the National Danish Cybersecurity Council and Chair of the IT Security Committee at The Danish IT Industry Association. Years of experience with Enterprise IT services. In-depth knowledge and understanding of IT systems, integration challenges, and cybersecurity in a wider scope of company and government levels.

The Hybrid Conference is taking place September 13-16, 2021 in Munich, Germany and online .

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