Cybersecurity is an important topic that affects everyone. This page will keep you updated on upcoming events related to cyber security and digital identity.

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The Blueprint for a Cyber-Safe Society

For more than 15 years, Denmark has provided public access to eID. 3. generation is now available delivering one unified system giving both citizens, employees, public authorities, and businesses easy access to solely accepting and using validated digital identities. Ensuring compliance within the framework of eIDAS and ultimately NIS2.

Ensure Correct access

Cyber security is getting more and more critical as we continue the digitalization of business processes, keeping track of identities and access rights is crucial, both for end-users as well as privileged accounts. A breach may result in outages, but also leaked customer or citizen data, hefty regulatory fines, and reputational damage.


Ses vi på V2 Security

Det tidligere Infosecurity Denmark er nu blevet til V2 Security.

Konceptet er det samme og bliver igen i år afholdt i Øksnehallen med spændende oplæg og muligheden for at netværke. Liga er med i år og vi arbejder for at sikre den digitale identitet.

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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2022

Denmark’s 2022 brand new eID solution

Meet Ligas Bjarke Alling at the four day Conference which has a focus on Digital Identity and is filled with industry leading speakers and exceptional content. Some of the key topics are Identity & Cyber Innovation Race, Industry 4.0 & the Role of IAM, Multifactor, Passwordless, Frictionless and much more on identity and cloud.

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