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I dag lanceres nyt udspil om styrket cybersikkerhed

IDA har sammen med SF udarbejdet en ny strategi for cybersikkerhed, der skal gøre Danmark digitalt sikkert og beskytte vores kritiske infrastruktur. Udspillet er blevet til med hjælp fra Danmarks skarpeste eksperter på området, herunder Ligas Bjarke Alling.

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eID card

What is a smart card?

A smart card is a small computer usually about the size of a business card. While it can come in any number of colors, embedded inside the card is at

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How to share workstations without sharing Passwords

It is common practice for employees to share workstations. Unfortunately, both usernames and passwords are often also shared, for lack of better management of user accounts. The solution is an integral part of Windows – and perhaps easier than you think.

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Trusselbilledet i følge ENISA – Threath Landscape 2021

Hvert år publicerer ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency) en rapport om den aktuelle status for cybersikkerheden i EU. I rapporten identificeres de primære trusler og tendenser i markedet, trusselsaktørerne og deres angrebsmetoder, samt hvilke mitigerende tiltag, der kan tages i brug for at imødekommende truslerne.

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GlobalID passes European benchmarking

The state of cybersecurity in Europe is severely challenged. This has become even more apparent during the resent accelerated pandemic transformation of our ways of working and collaborating. At the

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