Cyber Security and Identity Management merged into one solution

Berlin , September 16th 2019

Liga Software now introduces the new version of their flagship product SmartSignatur GlobalID. In this version, any type of organisation can achieve complete lifecycle management of both digital identities and physical identities. The solution spans initial creation of users, issuing of digital identity, daily usage as well as a broad range of optional audit and compliance controls.

Version 4.0

The new version 4.0 of SmartSignatur GlobalID is being presented internationally at the IT-conference Open Horizons September 16th – 19th in Berlin and two weeks later in Denmark at the Digitisation Fair October 3rd – 4th in Odense.

”The new version provides both large enterprises and SMBs with the ability to provide a secure, digital identity for all their users. Not only users in finance, legal or sales, but all users” says Bjarke Alling, CEO of Liga Software ApS. He continues “The Cyber Security Threat is an issue for every single user in the organisation, and an attacker does not care whether he gains access to the network via a blue collar or white collar employee. In both cases, the risk for the organisation is enormous and must be avoided.”

True two-factor based on secure crypto chip

The foundation of SmartSignatur GlobalID is the use of a secure crypto chip combined with an effective Identity Management solution. SmartSignatur GlobalID used with a chipcard is a true two-factor authentication solution – meaning that the user must have the card in his hand and his PIN code in his head. Therefore, it cannot be stolen through hacking and the smart card cannot be cloned.

In relation to the EU regulation eiDAS  – the EU set of standards for electronic identification and trust services –  usage of SmartSignatur GlobalID version 4.0 will be on assurance level “Substantial” or “High”, depending on the process for creating the user and the accompanying digital identity. In any case, the smart card technology itself is on assurance level “High”.

“We expect a lot from SmartSignatur GlobalID in the future and especially that our customers in both private and public sector will achieve a significantly better IT Security” says Frank Helbo Christensen, manager in consultancy company and SmartSignatur reseller Zispa ApS. He continues: “For customers adhering to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, SmartSignatur is an elegant solution which combines IT Security with user friendliness. In fact, this is mandatory in order to achieve better security for users and their data”.

Highlights from SmartSignatur GlobalID version 4.0:

  • Complete integration with SmartSignatur backend server via webservice API
  • User-level support for different certificate types (National ID/employee signature, 3rd party CA, local MS Active Directory CA)
  • Graphical user administration interface for SMB customers
  • Self service issuing of certificates and chipcard, card print, door system access and follow-me print

About SmartSignatur

SmartSignatur enables any organisation to achieve secure, digital identities. Liga Software is developing SmartSignatur in close cooperation with Micro Focus plc and cv Cryptovision GmbH.

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About Liga Software ApS

Liga delivers software which enables companies and public sector to move into the digital age. Liga has been in business since 1999 and sells via resellers to customers in the Nordic and European markets from our offices in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

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