The Danish Cyber Security Council

The Danish Cyber Security Council is an advisor to the Danish government on issues of digital security: How to expand and ensure knowledge sharing amongst public entities, authorities, private sector and the academic sector. The council also provides recommendation on how to expand cyber security competence.

Bjarke Alling

Chair, Private sector

The council has 20 members and was established by the Danish government in December 2019. The members represent private sector, public authorities, consumers and the academic sector. The members have a variety of professional backgrounds, and provides the council with both strategic, legal and technological competences.

The council chair is shared between public and private sector. The Danish Agency for Digitisation and the Danish Center for Cyber Security take turns on behalf of the public sector. Bjarke Alling, Group Director for Liga, is representing the private sector.

About the
Cyber Security

  • Advises on development of the national cyber- and information security strategy. As an example, the council may provide research which can work as the foundation for prioritizing existing or upcoming initiatives.

  • Contributes to knowledge sharing, advisories and guidance on the strategic level, e.g. via relevant publications, networks and conferences as well as information about threats, vulnerabilities, incidents and cyber security exercises.

  • Looks into the need for cyber security competences and suggests measures to further develop these, both amongst private citizens, employees as well as within education and research.

  • Contributes to the national cyber security month, connected to ENISA’s (the European Union’s Agency for Network and Information Security) annual “Cyber Security Month” in October, as well as to an annual awareness campaign targeted towards private citizens.


Rikke Hougaard Zeberg
General Manager, The Danish Agency for Digitisation

Jesper R. Jespersen
IT-security Manager, Aura Energi

Rune Keldsen
Chief Technology Officer, DFDS A/S

Henrik Larsen
Manager, DKCERT

Jacob Herbst
Chief Technical Officer, Dubex

Thomas Lund-Sørensen
Manager, Center for Cyber Security

Jan Steen Olsen
Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Danske Bank

Georg Dam Steffensen
University Director, IT University of Copenhagen

Mette Raun Fjordside
Deputy Director, Forbrugerrådet Tænk

Thomas Kristmar
Senior Manager, KPMG

Bjarke Alling
Group Director, Liga

René Rasmussen
Vice President, Global IT, Coloplast A/S

Peter Bruun Nielsen
Deputy IT Director, Aarhus University

Henning Mortensen
Chair of the Danish Council for Digital Security

Torsten Andersen
Deputy Director, Danish Business Authority

Søren Maigaard
Vice President and CISO, Norlys

Marianne Horstmann
Manager, Netdesign/TDC

Christian D. Jensen
Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark

Christian Wernberg-Tougaard
Head of Public Sector Cybersecurity, Deloitte

Charlotte Münter
Manager, The Ministry of Justice

Bjarke Alling

Bjarke Alling

You are welcome to contact the chair of the Danish Cyber Security Council, private sector, Bjarke Alling. He can be reached at: 

Phone: +45 40 13 91 05

Martin Jensen Buch

Martin Jensen Buch

You are welcome to contact senior consultant Martin Jensen Buch. He can be reached at: 

Phone: +45 27 28 66 00

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