Acronis Cyber Cloud Promotion – 3 months free

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This promotion grants 3 months of FREE Acronis Cyber Cloud if the Service Provider prospect signs-up between (Oct. 19th – Nov 20th, 2020).


• 3 months of free usage of Acronis Cyber Cloud
• Available for: Service providers who signed up during the Promo Period (Oct. 19th – Nov 20th, 2020)

Terms and Conditions

• Offer valid until November 20, 2020.
• This promotion applies Worldwide to any Service Provider that wants to partner with Acronis to resell any of the products from the Acronis Cyber Cloud Platform.
• The prospect may sign-up directly with Acronis or through its distributor. In both cases, the first 3 months of Acronis Cyber Cloud will be FREE.
• The Promotion is available to service providers with: (i) direct contract with Acronis, and (ii) contracts through distribution. Marketplace is excluded from the promotion.
• The promotion will be provisioned through the contract. This means Acronis will not bill the Service Provider or the Distributor of the Service Provider for the first 3 months on Acronis Cyber Cloud.
• Cannot be combined with other promotions.
• Cannot be combined with deal registration.
• Applicable only for new signed contracts during the Promotion period.
• Framework contracts are excluded from the promotion.
• Offer is not valid in these countries/territories (subject to change): China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia or any country subject to a comprehensive US, EU or Swiss embargo, which currently includes: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria and the Crimea region of the Ukraine.
• Except for the foregoing countries, the offer is valid worldwide.
• The Promotion is not available for partners with custom contracts.
• The Promotion is subject to availability. Acronis reserves the right to end and/or modify the terms of the Promotion at any time. Other restrictions may apply.

Liga er officiel hoveddistributør i Norden.

Liga is an Acronis Authorized Distributor and Authorized Cloud Distributor with many years experience and a deep knowledge of Acronis products and services. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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