SUSE seminar: Kick-Start Your Container Journey

Run container apps with ease

Yes, we are baking a new product—SUSE Container-as-a-Service Platform and it will come with the following ingredients: a tasty new flavor of SUSE Linux Enterprise—container host OS called SLE MicroOS, a good dose of Kubernetes, a pinch of salt, and more special ingredients which will be uncovered during our seminar Container-as-a-Service Platform Tour.

SUSE has created a platform for containers that provides a single unified set of tools and technologies that enables organisations to easily deploy containerized applications to meet the business needs faster.

Join us on our Container-as-a-Service Platform Tour, we will show you all the new features on how to kick-start your container journey!


Seminar: SUSE Container as a Service Platform Tour

When: 19 June 2017 in Copenhagen

Where: Copenhagen Island Hotel

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The following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction to Kubernetes and CaaS Platform
  • Installation and cluster setup
  • Writing and deploying a manifest
  • Advanced containers and why
  • Q & A session


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