Webinar: Synchronized Security – It’s time your IT security solutions started talking

Complex, coordinated malware attacks are the new norm.

A single threat will often touch your web browser, firewall, servers, endpoints, and data.

With Synchronized Security integrated products share security information and respond to attacks automatically, coordinating defense efforts across your entire system. And the single platform for managing all your IT security solutions will save your time and efforts tremendously.

Join us for this engaging webinar to learn more about this new approach to IT security.


You’ll find out how Synchronized Security:

• Gives you unprecedented protection against advanced threats
• Slashes incident response time by 99.9%
• Saves IT time and effort every day


Webinar by Sophos

Date: 5. March 2018

Time: 10.30 – 11.30

Speaker: Peter Skondro, Senior Sales Engineer at Sophos


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