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There are limits to understanding the spoken word and static screenshots can only go so far. Software can be complex and there’s often not much to see as it is basically just code consisting of 0’s and 1’s. Fully explaining a process to a potential client via a white paper or Proof of Concept is a challenge.

At Liga, we wanted to make our software for secure user accounts more tangible, so we built a Demo Center — complete with a virtual organization. While some demos are limited to screenshots, ours comes with the complete IT setup of an imaginary company.

Join our Liga GlobalID Partner Webinar (in Danish) to experience the Demo Center > 

Test drive the user account lifecycle with us

Within the Liga Demo Center’s imaginary company are all of the relevant, real-life components needed to show clients the complete lifecycle of a user account – from the initial creation and onboarding, to distribution, and then to final revoking. Within this environment, there are user directories, IdPs (Identity Providers), certification authorities, and much, much more.

This imaginary company makes the Demo Center an ideal marketing and learning platform for both partners and end customers, as well as a pre-production testing center for current and potential customers for the Liga GlobalID.

Customized for clients’ specific needs

The Demo Center’s virtual company is not a “one size fits all” but can be adapted to meet clients’ specific situation. This customized approach is essential because organizations have differing identity management issues. Manufacturing can have several certificate authorities, education wrestles with easy network access and a smooth on-off boarding process, and health care organizations must manage the ability to access or modify confidential patient data.

Located wherever you want it to be

Neither partners nor clients must be physically present to use the Demo Center. Physically located at Liga’s Copenhagen offices, Demo Center sessions are remotely accessible via a live TV feed. Because the Center is staffed by Liga, the needed video and audio expertise is always at hand for running such a demo.

Join our Liga GlobalID Partner Webinar (in Danish) to experience the Demo Center > 

The Liga Demo Center is a marketing and learning platform designed for you – and your clients

It is difficult and time consuming for partners and resellers to set up a functional, virtual company for their client demos.  Just the maintenance alone needed for the various data sets is considerable. That is why we have done this for you at the Liga demo center – we established an array of use cases in an virtual enterprise environment that includes user directories, local IDM, IdPs like ADFS and Access Manager, Advanced Authentication Solutions, desktop clients incl. VDI, authentication tokens, and readers.

The virtual demo environment that speaks your language

The Demo Center supports multi-tenancy, allowing each Liga partner to have their own virtual demo environment accessed over a secure VPN. Partners may invite their customers to a private presentation based at the Center. As a partner, you decide on the level of your level of involvement: You can host a presentation yourself from another location via a remote video link, run your own demo, or turn the show over to us. It’s your choice.

This geographic flexibility allows presentations to be conducted in the local language of both partners and end customers. Communication with Liga can be in either English or Danish unless otherwise agreed. Additionally, partners can record demos in their local language and utilize this content within their own communication and social media activities.

How to book?

To book the Liga Demo Center, simply send an email to and we will find a time that fits your calendar. Join our Liga GlobalID Partner Webinar (in Danish) to experience the Demo Center > 


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