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eID integration with Micro Focus IAM

Wed, JUNE 29, 2022, 10:00 Am – 11:00 Am CEST

Bjarke Alling

Bjarke Alling, Group Director at Liga

Lars Nikkamo

Lars Nikamo, Nordic Presales Team Lead at Micro Focus

Learn how to integrate electronic IDs with Micro Focus Identity and Access Manager

The use of electronic identification (eID) on top of your IAM solution allows you to proof the identity of all users at any given time.

Onboarding employees, customers, and business partners with eID validation ensures that the user account is tied together with a real-life person – and the right one too.

Topics we’ll cover:

Finnish Trustmark
Freja eID eID
MitID Denmark eID
Bank ID Norwegian eID
Swedish Bank ID

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