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Om Liga ApS.

About Liga

Society is in the middle of a digital transformation – some call it the Industrial Society 4.0 – a new digital age. But no matter what you call it, the shift from manual processes to digital processes is in full swing.

Liga delivers software that helps companies and government agencies move into this new era.

With our standardized software you can take care of your digital security, identity and mobility in a way that offers advantages for the average employee and strengthens your business – and makes sure you live up to the increasing number of legal requirements from the authorities.

As an essential part of our activities, we provide news and information about our products and tech-nologies, offer technical training, and assist actively with sales campaigns and with getting deals done.

Liga has existed since 1999 and sells via resellers to the Nordic market from our offices in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

We value long-term business relationships and are happy to take the initiative to make things happen.

Read about Liga’s business model here.

Business Vision:

To drive sound business acumen via an efficient digital trading platform and repetitive initiative. Liga must be perceived as a good place to trade and only through long-term relationships with trading partners this can be accomplished.


Mazanti-Andersen Korsø Jensen, Amaliegade 10, 1256 København K
Tlf: +45 33 14 35 36

BDO Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab, Havneholmen 29, DK-1561 København V
Tel: +45 39 15 52 00

BDO Lilla Badhusgatan 2, Box 31094, 400 32 Göteborg
Tel: +46 10 171 50 00

Danish ICT Industry Association:
Liga is a long term member of The Danish ICT Industry Association and Ligas chairman Bjarke Alling is also member of the Executive Committee.

Logo and graphic regulations:

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