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Bliv leverandør hos Liga - vi distribuerer din software.

Become a Liga supplier

Liga is more than ‘just’ a distributor.

We value long-term business relationships. That’s reflected in our large network of dealers and the close and often multi-year contact we have with our dealers.

Bliv leverandør af software hos Liga.

Marketing with end-customers and dealers

In addition to product sales, Liga can help you market your products and mature your market – something we do through our online activities aimed at end customers and through targeted and extensive communication with our large network of dealers.

We’ve created a system for this communication: In addition to ongoing daily, personal contact, we send out regular newsletters with a mix of knowledge, cases, and product news. We work actively with content marketing and Google Adwords as well as social medial like LinkedIn and Twitter.


Lots of events

In addition, Liga plays host to a large number of loyalty-building, customer-focused events: training, courses, and technical training for both dealers and end customers.


Personal dialogue and sales support

Because of our thorough knowledge of the market, technology and legal requirements, we also actively help dealers close the sale. All this makes us well placed to develop an even closer relationship with our existing dealer network – and to attract new dealers and end customers on an ongoing basis.


Wat type of products and brands are we interested in?

Liga is interested in distributing products of high technical quality supported by an organization that is reliable and dedicated to sales through a partner channel. We are interested in both hardware and software for identity, security, and infrastructure. If this sounds like you, you are welcome to contact us.

Liga medarbejdere Jens og Tao

Deliver software to the digital age

Liga has twenty years’ expertise and the best dealer network in the Nordic countries. We sell primarily to the Nordic Countries and the Baltics and deliver to the entire EU.

Liga is privately owned and consists of distribution companies in Denmark and Sweden as well as a software production company in Denmark. (Liga Aps, Liga AB and Liga Software Aps.) The company turnover is roughly 3 million EUR a year.

Liga has been in business since 1999. You can read more about our business model here.


Should we distribute your products?

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