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Backup for small businesses.

Why Rastec chose precisely this backup solution for its smaller customers

This post is also available in: DanishRastec already had two backup solutions in its product line. So what did it want with Acronis Backup Cloud? “We had a highly functional service solution for larger customers. But for smaller customers, the start-up investment was too big – there was the fee

&Rasmussen customer case Acronis msp Backup Cloud

Cut administrative hours by 90% – with no financial risk

This post is also available in: DanishIT dealer Karsten Kristensen has recently begun selling Acronis Backup Cloud to his customers. But why? Read about the surprising advantages he’s experienced – for him as a dealer, and for his customers.  “We had a different backup system, but then they raised their license

Victim of ransomware? Here’s what to do iboss Sophos

Victim of ransomware? Here’s what to do

This post is also available in: Danish“It was all very strange. There was a file I couldn’t open and it had an odd filename extension -.encrypted,” said an employee on an entirely normal Thursday at the large Danish architecture firm Arkitema. The firm had been attacked by ransomware. “It’s going

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