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Passwords are outdated and safety is inadequate. Two-factor authentication with tokens or smartcards make access easy and secure. The user’s identity is established, and permissions to IT systems can be deployed (and removed) automatically with effective identity management.

The market for IT solutions for managing digital identity is estimated by Gartner in 2015 to reach $76.9 billion.

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Identitetsstyring er en nødvendighed i moderne IT
The user’s identity is established, and permissions to IT systems can be deployed (and removed) automatically with effective identity management.

Access Management

As the requirements for secure webaccess increases, IT departments are struggling to keep up. Companies and organizations are facing significant challenges. With access management products, it is possible to establish a safe and scalable solution. Single sign-on solutions can handle all your internal access, but also access to cloudbased webservices. Access management also creates a solid platform to further develop one’s single sign-on system with 2 factor login methods.

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Certificat Management (PKI)

The administration of a user’s digital ID is central to IT security. The right solution is an automated process that includes the entire digital life cycle from user creation, issue, storage, renewal and revocation of the certificate. The solution should be able to handle both national certificates and international issuers (eg. Swiss Sign).

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Identity Management (IDM)

Identity Manager is the only solution to securely manage users and accessrights on both physical, virtual and cloud environments. It uses an intelligent identity structure and allows you to use both your existing IT assets, but also new models with SaaS, Cloud, etc. Identity Manager helps business to reduce costs while ensuring compliance with both internal and external rules for your users and their data accesses.

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Internet Of Things (IoT)

It is no longer possible to secure your network in the traditional way with patch and AV. A myriad of new devices are currently connected to the network, and they pose a security risk that must be addressed. Proactive monitoring of network traffic is the right solution, making it possible to react to deviations from the normal traffic pattern.

Password Management

A well-functioning password management system should be easy to install, and tailored to individual business needs. This means higher security, more satisfied users and less strain on the IT department. Self-service enrollment and password reset, possibly combined with SMS verification are examples of value-adding technologies. Automatic synchronization of passwords between systems should happen immediate.

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Two-factor authentification

Two-factor authentication succeeds username / password, which is no longer sufficient. By introducing two-factor authentication security is increased, user experience is improved and it becomes possible to ensure traceability.

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Tokens and smartcards

By storing the digital ID on a protected smartcard or token, maximum security for the two-factor solution is ensured. The certificates are protected in a separate, encrypted storage and can be accessed using the PIN code – quite as known from debit cards. A world of possibilities opens: Single sign-on to IT systems, digital signing of documents, door control, check-in/check-out and so forth.

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