Partner program


In cooperation with the software manufacturers Liga offers 3 different ways our partners can resell various software and hardware products.

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Jens Nielsen, Partner Liga ApS
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Open reseller program

A central part of IT distribution is to access all types of traders to purchase products. Liga offers any company access to an account, so that trading can be commenced quickly and easily. The only requirement we ask is that the company can demonstrate engagement in resale of IT products or services. Typically, we look at the company’s VAT recording and on the company’s website when we evaluate  if a business can be set up with an account. In the same process we also carry out a credit check and register the primary contacts in our CRM system.

All the listed brands can be purchased on the open reseller program.

Hosting program (MSP)

The hosting and service provider program is a program tailored to companies who typically want an ongoing subscription service. Billing is per month. In many cases, hosting partners are approved separately by the specific software manufacturer. An important part of our hosting program is technical competence. Most hosting programs are designed so that all technical service in relation to the final end customer must be provided by the hosting partner.

Liga offer hosting partner programs in coorporation with Acronis, SUSE and Sophos

OEM program

In contrast to both the open reseller program and hosting program, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is only for companies which produces a specific product and where our brand is an integrated component of that product. For example, an operating system used in connection with an IT solution for management of certain machines or an antivirus program which is included in the sale of a new PC. There are many other variations in market and more constantly being added.

Liga offer OEM programs in coorporation with Avira, SUSE and SmartSignatur