European Identity and Cloud Conference 2022

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Denmark's 2022 brand new eID solution

Meet Ligas Bjarke Alling at the four day Conference which has a focus on Digital Identity and is filled with industry leading speakers and exceptional content. Some of the key topics are Identity & Cyber Innovation Race, Industry 4.0 & the Role of IAM, Multifactor, Passwordless, Frictionless and much more on identity and cloud.

Bjarke Alling will be speaking at the conference:

On Wednesday, May 11, 2022 15:30—15:50

Session: Denmark’s 2022 Brand New eID Solution

Denmark is one of the most digitized nations in the world. A status largely due to the foresight of decision makers, public-private corporation, and the realisation of the importance of security and trust.

Now a new optimized solution for IAM has been implemented, fully complying with the EU cybersecurity directives, and giving both public and private sectors access to solely accepting validated digital identities, which is the prerequisite to establish a digital ecosystem governed by security, protection, management of threats and ultimately trust.

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The Hybrid Event is taking place May 10-13, 2021 in Berlin, Germany and online .

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