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Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2022

8. November kl. 09:00 10. November kl. 17:00 CET

Cyberattacks are more than just an IT problem: It is a business risk. Heightened risk prompted by an ever-changing geopolitical landscape requires cybersecurity leaders to cultivate a myriad of skills to cope with the growing size of business demands. Ensuring business resilience calls for cyber-mature, diversified leadership strategies that withstand not just the inevitable, but also the unforeseen – through innovation and collaboration.

CSLS 2022 brings together cybersecurity executives, analysts and top CISOs to help delegates drive decision-making within their organization and to better understand fundamental issues such as buzzword-hunting, process complexity and cyber-threat mitigation. Join the CSLS community to network, learn and upgrade your skills to become a multifaceted security leader.

Group Director of Liga, Bjarke Alling will be speaking at the event.

Get tickets here: https://www.kuppingercole.com/book/csls2022

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