Acronis Cyber Cloud Promotion – 3 Months FREE

Acronis Cyber Cloud Promotion.

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The promotion

This promotion grants 3 months of FREE Acronis Cyber Cloud if the Service Provider prospect signs-up between Oct. 7th – Dec. 31st, 2019.

Promotion Brief

This promotion applies Worldwide to any Service Provider that wants to partner with Acronis to resell any of the products from the Acronis Cyber Cloud Platform. The prospect may sign-up directly with Acronis or through its distributor. In both cases, the first 3 months of Acronis Cyber Cloud will be FREE.

To sign-up for Acronis Cyber Cloud and make use of this one-time promotion please fill out the form below. Liga and an Acronis Account Manager will get you started with the onboarding process. For any additional enquiries please contact us at


  1. What does 3 Months FREE of Acronis Cyber Cloud mean? It means that during the first 3 months Acronis or the prospect’s Distributor will not charge any consumption at all for Acronis Cyber Cloud products.
  2. Do I need to inform my Distributor about the promotion? The prospect can inform its Distributor about their desire to opt-in for the promotion, Acronis will work with them to make sure the promotion is activated timely.
  3. Can I change Minimum Commitment Level after the promotion? The prospect may modify its minimum commitment anytime during the promotion or afterwards.

Get 3 months free!

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