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Upgrade today and get up to 100% discount on the hardware appliance

Replace your Sophos XG or SG Series Firewall with a new XG model of the same or a higher category and get up to 100% discount on the hardware!
Existing Sophos customers get up to 100% off a new hardware appliance purchased in combination with a two-year or three-year renewal subscription for FullGuard, FullGuard Plus, or EnterpriseGuard Plus.


  • This offer is only available for existing customers who currently have a Sophos SG UTM or XG Firewall in use between the period of August 01, 2020 through March 31, 2021
  • The offer is exclusively for renewals and is a one-time discount when purchased in combination with one of the following renewal subscriptions:
    • Two-year renewal subscription = 50% off hardware appliance
    • Three-year renewal subscription = 100% hardware appliance
  • The promotion can be used for the renewal of all current SG UTM and XG Firewall Series hardware appliances with exceptions to 86/86w/106/106w/ All Enterprise Guard appliances

Advantages of a New Appliance

Latest Technology: The current XG Firewall Series models offer many new options for extended connectivity and flexibility plus increased redundancy.

Improved Performance: High-performance CPUs, extended storage capacity, and faster SSDs are standard in the current models.

Ready for the Future: All models with at least 4 GB of RAM can be upgraded to the upcoming v18 release of XG Firewall and profit from many new innovations.

You’re not using FullGuard (Plus) or EnterpriseGuard (Plus) yet? Our license bundles not only offer a significant cost advantage vs. the purchase of individual licenses, but also much better protection. Make the comparison today.

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