Transform your user's credentials to a secure, trusted and verified identity.

GlobalID helps organizations migrate from insecure passwords secure multifactor authentication with efficiency and ease.

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An increasing number of cyber threats and stricter legal requirements make it more important than ever to have a secure digital identity. At the same time, the users of an organization must be able to act freely and take advantage of all the digital opportunities in a connected world.

Traditional usernames and passwords can no longer offer both security and freedom. In the future, multi-factor authentication will be required because everyone has the right to be safe.

GlobalID Product.

Automates the enrollment of multiple authentication factors in any organization

of issuing digital certificates and managing user life cycles

of GlobalID

Brokering authentication technologies

Acts as an automation broker for all components to provide a safe and secure authentication.

Enabling the use of certificates, everywhere

Works on all platforms and devices, computers, smartphones, tablets, and thin clients.

Automating the authentication lifecycle

From onboarding of new users to issuing or revoking of certificates, all processes are automated.

Multiple user directories

Having several user directories? No problem, this is supported. Simultaneously.

In depth Reporting

The build-in reporting tool provides secure logging of all operations to meet regulatory compliance.

Real-time synchronization

Real-time, event-driven synchronization with the user directory makes the processes fast and efficient.

Strongest authentication security

Authentication based on certificates using asymmetric encryption for maximum security.

User self service

Let the users create and maintain their own identity from a computer or in kiosk mode in a central location.

Enables True Single Sign-on

Once a user is securely authenticated a local identity provider can provide transparent access to other services.

Supports multiple devices

A user may have multiple authentication devices for different purposes.


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