Securing user accounts with one single platform

Identity is the new perimeter. Address the most urgent cyber security issue with our GlobalID Platform for securing your users.

Unified identity protection

Prevent data leaks, ransomware and phising attacks. 40% of all cyber attacks relates to compromised user accounts. With GlobalID you can protect and secure all IT user accounts in your organization. 

Base platform

Automated enrollment

New employees, temps or other people associated with the company can easily and securely be enrolled in the organization based on self-service processes and automation.

Multi-factor assignment

Assign multifactor devices to your employee in the enrollment process or on demand. Our self service portal ensures that the process is convenient and secure.

Local IDP

Local IDP is a feature that allows your existing systems and identity providers to authenticate against GlobalID. Federate with Microsoft AD FS and other IDPs.

Integrated IDM

The integrated IDM engine makes it possible to integrate into any IT environment and manage users and rights in other systems or in existing IDM platforms.

Full lifecycle management

Users’ identities are handled securely and efficiently from initial creation to deactivation in the event of prolonged absence and automatic removal of access upon termination of employment.

Browser based administration

User friendly browser based interfaces for both adminstrators and users enables access from any device. 

Event logging

Logging user events is an important line of defense against data breaches and other cybersecurity compromises such as insider threats.


With the reporting module in our administrator portal, you get an overview of the events that are important to your organization, so you can act on it.

Add-on modules


Use a trusted eID for password reset to guarantee that the password reset is performed by the right real-life person.


Make sure your users are who they say they are by letting them validate their own identity. Either as a manual process or automatically using SMS, national eIDs or passports.

Microsoft MFA with smart cards

Integrate with the Danish MitID Erhverv and NemLog-in3 frameworks to automate the management of users and their rights and roles. 

Integration with NemLog-in3

Integrate with the Danish MitID Erhverv and NemLog-in3 frameworks to automate the management of users and their rights and roles. 

Identity Lifecycle

Liga GlobalID is built to handle the entire identity lifecycle from the initial onboarding and validation of the user, to the enrollment of multifactor authentication tokens, the everyday use, and the revocation process and reporting for compliance purposes.

1. Create

Automatic and rule-based user onboarding by integration in to existing infrastructure.

3. USE

User-friendly and secure digital multifactor authentication access.

Liga GlobalID Identtity Circle

2. Issue

Easy and simplified self service enrollment, MFA assignment, and ID validation.

4. REview

Extensive logging of user events providing a solid foundation for compliance and audit reviews.

The entire lifecycle handling is built into our Liga GlobalID virtual appliance replacing complex processes and the need for expert knowledge within IT, with automation and self-service.

What can you expect?

Liga GlobalID offers a unique use of authentication and automation to release the full potential of your organization while increasing security. 

  • Easy introduction of multi-factor authentication
  • Convenient self-service onboarding for the users
  • Freeing up valuable internal HR and IT resources
  • Fulfilment of strict IT compliance requirements
  • Easy access to extensive reporting and audit trails

Is Liga GlobalID relevant for you?

Are you planning to migrate from username and password usage to multifactor authentication? Do you want to make onboarding and daily use of digital tools as simple as possible for your users? Should your internal HR and IT resources be used for value-creating initiatives instead of administration and manual processes? Then GlobalID is an obvious choice to consider.

The obvious choice

“Liga GlobalID seemed the obvious choice to use for secure and encrypted access to Aula” – the Learning Experience Platform for Higher Education used in Denmark.

“It gives teachers and educational staff two-factor-based access to sensitive data via a USB chip card. The administration is easy and significantly cheaper than other solutions based on new server infrastructure or traditional token setups,” says Martin Oldin, Identity and Data Architect, Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality in Denmark.

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of GlobalID

Brokering authentication technologies

Acts as an automation broker for all components to provide a safe and secure authentication.

Enabling the use of certificates, everywhere

Works on all platforms and devices, computers, smartphones, tablets, and thin clients.

Automating the authentication lifecycle

From onboarding of new users to issuing or revoking of certificates, all processes are automated.

Multiple user directories

Having several user directories? No problem, this is supported. Simultaneously.

In depth Reporting

The build-in reporting tool provides secure logging of all operations to meet regulatory compliance.

Real-time synchronization

Real-time, event-driven synchronization with the user directory makes the processes fast and efficient.

Strongest authentication security

Authentication based on certificates using asymmetric encryption for maximum security.

User self service

Let the users create and maintain their own identity from a computer or in kiosk mode in a central location.

Enables True Single Sign-on

Once a user is securely authenticated a local identity provider can provide transparent access to other services.

Supports multiple devices

A user may have multiple authentication devices for different purposes.

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