Growth Fund finances ambitious growth strategy at Liga

A growth loan of a DKr 1 million will support an international strategy

The Danish Growth Fund, an investment fund controlled by the Danish government, has just approved a Growth Loan of Dkr 1 million to Liga ApS, where it will support an ambitious growth plan.

”Liga is an innovative company in an exciting industry. For nearly 20 years, Liga has functioned as a trade platform between global software brands and IT resellers in the Nordic region, increasing transparency for suppliers and ensuring quality products for dealers in an otherwise diverse market. At the Danish Growth Fund, we’re looking forward to following the company’s further development,” says Søren K. H. Wissing, corporate account manager at The Danish Growth Fund.

Innovative business model

As a business model, the IT distribution industry is under pressure.
But IT distributor Liga is tackling that with a newly-created business model that accounts for the weaknesses of the classic model while at the same time embracing the opportunity for expansion in the form of new products, new services, and a presence in other countries in the Nordic region.

“With our new business model, we’ll correct for the weakness in the classic distributor role, where the distributor can use a lot of energy to cultivate a market only to have the provider choose another distributor. Instead, we’ll enter a partnership with the provider for sales and marketing. That way we’ll share the risk.

“By automating the sales of standard products, we can still earn money on them, even though the margin on each individual product is under pressure.

“Finally, we want to develop and market Liga’s own product SmartSignatur further,” says Bjarke Alling, Chairman of the Board for Liga ApS.

Initially, the loan from The Danish Growth Fund will be used to expand the business in the Nordic region and automate the sales of standard products.

More information:

Bjarke Alling, Chairman of the Board, Liga ApS, +45 40 13 91 05,

Søren K. H. Wissing, corporate account manager, The Danish Growth Fund, +45 27 20 23 27,

About Liga:
Liga delivers software that helps companies and public agencies move into the digital age. We sell our products throughout the Nordic region and only via resellers. We work every day to provide news and information about our technologies. We frequently offer technical training and assist actively with sales campaigns and with getting deals done.
About The Danish Growth Fund:
The Danish Growth Fund is a financing fund owned by the Danish government. The fund fosters growth and innovation in small and medium enterprises as a way to achieve greater economic returns. In partnership with private investors, the fund has co-financed the growth of more than 6000 companies since 1992, for a total commitment of more than DKr 17 billion.

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