How G/On is essential for remote working

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What is G/On?

G/On provides remote secure access to company resources without the need for a VPN connection.

In one integrated solution, G/On provides a safe environment for remote workers and features twofactor authentication, authorization, data encryption, network protection and secure application access. Compared to an alternative “best of breed” approach where multiple, different products are pieced together, G/On makes it much simpler to implement, manage and control access to company data and applications.

G/On is unique: ten reasons why G/On can work for you to implement mass home working securely and effectively:

1. G/On allows quick and secure scaling-up of home offices

Investing in remote access solutions are costly and time consuming. In most of the cases, different products are involved to make the remote connections secure. Which is also often the reason that most remote access solutions do not scale well if the need arises.

G/On is installed quickly and provides everything a user needs to securely access company resources. G/On has built-in features for redundancy and load balancing, which means that organisations can scale up home working to large groups of users in minutes, rather than weeks.

2. Makes VPN redundant

Many organisations lack the time, skills and resources to quickly implement or roll out VPN’s. But if they do, they experience that there is not enough capacity for concurrent VPNconnections needed, or even worse: that the connections are instable. But the largest risk is that VPN is an extra security risk and often organisations are hit by viruses or malware that have entered the company network through the VPN.

The G/On Client-Server technology uses a “distributed port forwarding proxy” process that virtualizes the connections between the user’s end device and the application servers and services. In contrast to VPN connections, a device never becomes a member of the network. This removes the risk of viruses and malware entering the company network from connected home PC’s.

3. Set-up of an internal server-based computing environment is unnecessary

Remote working is not only about authorizing users and securing connections. In general, there also needs to be a remote access platform such as Remote Desktop ServicesTM or Citrix XenAppTM. Investments in these farms are costly and not all organisations have invested in these server-based technologies. Or if they have, critical applications might still be installed on internal desktop PC’s and out of reach.

G/On can connect to both internal server-based computing environments and internal desktop PC’s. No complex implementation, no need for a VPN connection, no need to install anything on the end-user’s PC. Administrators only must register internal hostname of the PC and if configured correctly, end-users will be directly connected and logged in to their desktop PC when they log on to G/On

4. Higher security with reduced complexity

G/On implements a zero-trust security model that enables granular remote access. G/On differs from VPNs in that no direct connections are set up to services on the network. Instead, authenticated application clients are connected to the local host of the endpoint computer and G/On will do the rest (G/On will do the rest means: G/On will encrypt all data the authenticated application is sending, send it to the G/On Gateway and the Gateway will pass it on to the service in the network).

This way, the application clients have no knowledge on the network at all and are completely separated from it. For the user, it feels it he is working directly with the programs and resources in the network. However, the connection is virtual and routed through the G/On zero-trust proxy.

5. Hacker-proof

No information that a potential attacker could exploit is stored, cached, or left on the local client computer. Without a G/On token, there is not even an address known by which a potential hacker could find the server and try to re-establish the connection. Even if the attacker knows the address, he still needs to be able to falsify the access data, the protocol, the application connection and more to get to the G/On Server – and even then the hacker still has no access to the company network.

6. Embedded 2-factor authentication

At connection time, the G/On client and the G/On gateway perform a strong mutual authentication. Depending on the choice, this is done with a certificate or a mobile smart card. The mobile smart card is embedded in a USB-reader and does not need any drivers or software support. All handshakes with 2048-bit RSA and traffic is AES-256 encrypted.

7. Short learning curve

Users will enjoy working with G/On. A key feature of G/On is that it delivers the same experience as working on the PC in the office. Running the client does not require any technical knowledge or any configurations on the PC. After launching G/On, the user logs on using their username and password and immediately has access to the applications they are working with.

8. No intrusion

G/On comes with a small footprint and does not limit the user to run parallel private applications. The connection to the G/On server is always secured. G/On establishes a secure home office environment on the remote device which is completely separated from the personal data if it was a home PC for example.

9. Transparent Pricing

Customers knows upfront the exact cost per user. For more pricing information please refer to the price list.

10. Support

G/On is designed in such manner that customers can install and configure it on their own. Customers can also ask for support of a Soliton partner. First line support is normally provided by partners, but Soliton has support engineers available to provide immediate remote support for the installation and configuration of G/On. For more information please refer to the Emergency Installation Support document.

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