How to achieve a secure & verified identity

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Reinvent the identity lifecycle

Your user’s digital identities are exposed to a wide range of cyber-attacks. Ransomware, Phishing, CEO-fraud, spoofing – just to mention a few. The scary truth is that no more than a single identity needs to be breached to launch a cyberattack that can put the entire organization to its knees.

The need to secure the users’ digital identities is indisputable. Resources in the IT department is often scarce, and ideally the focus for IT should be on creating value for the business – not adding manual processes and administrative tasks. So how do you obtain maximum security with a minimum of effort? 

Maximum security. Minimal effort.

With Liga GlobalID we enhance your existing Micro Focus environment to handle the entire identity lifecycle from the initial onboarding and validation of the user, the enrollment of multifactor authentication tokens, the everyday use, and the revocation process and reporting for compliance purposes. The entire lifecycle handling is built into our virtual appliance replacing complex processes and the need for expert knowledge within IT, with automation and self-service.

The Liga GlobalID appliance is fully integrated with all the Micro Focus cybersecurity products. From Access Manager and Identity Manager to ArcSight and Identity Governance.

Join our 15 minute session Wednesday March 24 at 12:00 CEST at Micro Focus Universe 2021 to see how we create a guaranteed identity by enhancing your existing Micro Focus environment! Registration to the event is free.

Bjarke Alling.

About the speaker

Bjarke Alling is the Group Director of Liga, Chair of the National Danish Cybersecurity Council and Chair of the IT Security Committee at The Danish IT Industry Association. Bjarke has years of experience with Enterprise IT services and in-depth knowledge and understanding of IT systems, integration challenges, and cybersecurity in a wider scope of company and government levels

What is Micro Focus Universe?

Universe 2021 is Micro Focus’ premier customer and partner event. This year’s focus is on Winning in a Digital Economy, and Micro Focus will run Universe as a virtual global event. You will be able to register for the regional agenda of your choice (EMEA, AMERICAS, or APJ).

Within the virtual event platform, you can learn from Micro Focus experts, see and experience use cases, and hear best practices from our customers and partners around the world.

Universe 2021 takes place in the EMEA region the 23–24 March and registration is for free.

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