How to share workstations without sharing Passwords

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It is common practice for employees to share workstations. Unfortunately, both usernames and passwords are often also shared, for lack of better management of user accounts. The solution is an integral part of the Windows operating system – and perhaps easier than you think.



In some companies, a generic shared user might be logged into Windows from the start of the workday until it ends, with free access for all. Simply because it is convenient. This applies even in areas where customers or external partners also have access. Shop floors, production areas and warehouses are examples of areas where accessibility to workstations can be unhindered.

It presents a number of serious security challenges, both the sharing of simple and insecure passwords, and the fact that there is free access to the company’s network, without any kind of security measures or traceability in relation to who actually accesses the systems. It is a completely open and very vulnerable angle of attack, which is well known among cybercriminals.


Integral part of Windows

Fortunately, giving each employee an individual login to Windows is pretty quick and easy to use. Users become password-free and achieve strong two-factor security. This gives the company a significant safety boost, without making the process cumbersome or time-consuming. The method is an integral part of Windows, and therefore does not require a change to the existing IT environment.


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