Liga announces OEM partnership with Micro Focus

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Today Liga announces an OEM partnership with Micro Focus to further utilize the strength of Micro Focus’ Identity Management capabilities as an integral part of Liga GlobalID. The OEM agreement enables Liga to continue develop products to even more advanced levels.

A new chapter of collaboration

Liga has been a partner of Micro Focus for years, and by integrating Micro Focus components, Liga GlobalID benefits from the world-class stability and security that Micro Focus’ software provides.

“We have been building on Micro Focus technology already for many years and are very happy to integrate the IDM product as OEM technology. It enables us to realize our product vision faster and achieve highest reliability and scalability for GlobalID” says Bjarke Alling, Group Director of Liga.

Secure digital identity

Liga GlobalID automates the entire enrollment process around the onboarding of certificates into any organization and enables the transformation of insecure passwords into secure, trusted and verified identities.

The different steps and systems of the secure digital identity lifecycle, e.g., user directories (Active Directory, eDirectory), Identity Management Systems (IDM), Local Identity Provider (IdP), Certification Authority (CA) and the user via the self-service portal are integrated into one process.

For more information, please contact:

Thomas Thölke
International Sales Director

Phone: +49 152 21756948

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