Liga expands its Nordic business activities

Liga is expanding its Nordic business activities with the purchase of a Swedish company that will service Sweden and Finland in the future

In addition, Liga will promote the sale of its Eset anti-virus software on the Finish market.

As of December 1, 2017, the Liga Group has taken over the Swedish distribution company Lindist AB, which will begin doing business under the name Liga AB.

“The takeover is a part of our ambitious Nordic growth strategy. We want to transfer Liga’s successful Danish business model to Sweden, and Lindist AB will carry on under the name Liga AB,” says Jens Nielsen, CEO of Liga ApS and the new CEO of Liga AB.

Lindist and Liga’s relationship is well-established: Lindist has been working with Liga for the past 15 years.

With the purchase of Lindist AB, Liga is now a co-operative partner for the Nordic region

Going forward, Liga AB will have its head office in Stockholm and cover both the Swedish and Finnish market. In terms of products, Liga AB will focus on IT security products, infrastructure and compliance, GDPR, and identity management.

Liga AB’s product palette in Sweden and Finland will include Acronis, Avira, Eset, SEP, Micro Focus, Iboss, Niksun, SUSE, and SmartSignatur.

Eset: An overlooked product

Liga has also launched a promotion for the anti-virus product Eset in the Finnish market. This is part of its Nordic growth strategy.

“Eset is a quality product that has not received the attention it deserves in the Nordic region. It has existed for 25 years and is one of the best products available in terms of end point protection. We’re very happy to have entered a partnership with Eset for the Finnish market,” says Jens Nielsen, CEO of Liga ApS and now also the CEO of Liga AB.


More information:

CEO Jens Nielsen,  +45 26 20 95 06,

About Liga


Liga delivers software that helps companies and government organizations move into the digital age. Liga sells goods throughout the Nordic region and only through resellers. We work every day with the dissemination of news and information about our technologies. We offer technical training, take an active part in sales campaigns, and are there to help get the deals done.

New corporate structure: 

Liga ApS, Liga AB and Liga Software ApS are the three sister companies that now make up the Liga Group, owned by the parent company Liga Invest. Jens Nielsen is the CEO of the trading companies Liga ApS and Liga AB, while the founder of the Liga group, Bjarke Alling, is the CEO of the development company Liga Software ApS.

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