Liga named Vendor to Watch

Every year, the international analysis organization KuppingerCole Analysts AG publishes its Leadership Compass of Providers of Verified Identity report, which provides an overview of the leading suppliers of innovation and services within Validated Digital Identities. This year’s list of Vendors to Watch includes Liga.

KuppingerCole Analysts AG is recognized as being among the analysis institutes in the world that provide the best analyses, assessments and recommendations of solutions that orchestrate Identity and Access Management and thus services for the validation of digital identities. Their Leadership Compass of Providers of Verified Identity report includes vendors that provide solutions that cover the entire process of validating and verifying identities, from initial registration and onboarding to authentication and revalidation. In other words, full-service solutions, such as GlobalID, which supports the entire life cycle process through securing and handling user accounts via one digital platform.

This year, KuppingerCole Analysts AG has included Liga in their Leadership Compass of Providers of Verified Identity report. On the list of Vendors to Watch, which is a list of what one might call Runner-Ups.

These are suppliers who have not yet been subjected to their final and very in-depth audit, but who are considered to be suppliers of relevant solutions and possible candidates for their Leadership Compass in the near future.

Surely it is a great honour to receive this recognition from one of the world’s leading analysis institutions within Identity and Access Management.

Validated and verified digital identities are a prerequisite for us to be able to work, act, participate and interact with each other digitally. Both nationally and internationally. Therefore, we must constantly try to be at the forefront and deliver digital tools that ensure that everyone has optimal access to solutions which can support this. With KuppingerCole’s recognition comes a hope that Liga is and will continue to be a contributor to this.

Not the first time: The Benchmarking of GlobalID

In 2021, KuppingerCole Analysts AG carried out an analysis of the state of cybersecurity in Europe, with a particular focus on Identity and Access Management. An analysis that emphasized the major challenges and the urgent need for the implementation of NIS2 and the use of Validated Digital Identities.

In connection with the analysis, KuppingerCole Analysts AG also carried out a benchmarking of Liga’s GlobalID to assess whether it could be part of the solution and provide access to the implementation of the standards formulated with eIDAS and the establishment of a network of Validated Digital Identities and thus deliver NIS2 compliance.

This was a benchmarking that GlobalID passed.

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