Liga receives grant from Cyber Hub to ensure the crucial acceleration of mobile security

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The demand for increased cybersecurity through implementation of Zero Trust, PKI and MFA will soon be non-negotiable. In cooperation with the Alexandra Institute, Liga has been chosen to deliver a solution designed for mobile devices that makes it simple and accessible to all.

Cyber security is a top political priority

Globally, cybersecurity has become a top political priority. Notably with Biden’s Executive Order 14028 with demands for implementation of Zero Trust and MFA, cf. NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework. Several of the market’s dominating suppliers – including Microsoft – have subsequently launched various initiatives to help their users comply with the demands, which inescapably will put pressure on all organisations either cooperating or trading with the United States.

However, the market still calls for a solution that combines the strict security requirements with transparency, simplicity and convenience – widely acknowledged prerequisites ultimately determining whether the new practice is implemented and followed. Especially when it comes to mobile devices.

Development of this is what Cyber Hub has now appointed Liga to deliver in association with the Alexandra Institute. Liga has already invested in the development of a Mobile / NFC / Smartcard POC used in the application for the grant from Cyber Hub.


The working title of the project is Secure Mobile Identity and builds on Liga’s MobileID. In short, the scope is to ensure the implementation of cybersecurity practices already known from credit cards, passports and IT systems with very strict security and access requirements, where smartcards are combined with PKI. Today, this is considered highly sophisticated technologies. However, this project will take advantage of the fact that basic components like PKI backend software, smartcard hardware, smartcard software and NFC readers in both Android and iOS-based mobile phones are now widely available.

The project will combine these as a service that is both robust, convenient, and secure to end-users of mobile devices and easily can be implemented by public and private organizations, giving them an indispensable tool to realize the growing both political and commercial demands for Zero Trust.

Watch Liga MobileID early preview on Vimeo:

Open Source on GitHub

The ambition is to develop a production-ready solution. The results will be used for Liga’s own further product development, but the full project will be open source and made available to everyone on GitHub. Either for further work internally with end-users or for use by commercial providers of cybersecurity solutions. Several stakeholders – both public and commercial – have expressed great interest during Liga’s preparatory research.

The project is expected to be completed by week 26.

Applied technologies

PKI backend software:

  • Microsoft Certificate Service
  • NemID Employee certificates
  • Nemlog-In3 certificates

Smartcard hardware:

  • NXP JCOP kort

Smartcard software:

  • Open Smart Card
  • GIDS-applet

Cyber Hub

Cyber Hub is an organization and foundation established with support from Industriens Fond, among others. Cyber Hub’s purpose is to promote and support Danish startups specialized in cybersecurity. This is done through collaborations, mentoring programs, consulting, facilitation of investments and co-financing of projects through grants.

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Alexandra Instituttet

The Alexandra Institute was founded in 1999 by a network of business leaders, researchers, and public authorities, focused on generating Danish growth through collaborations between IT researchers and the business community.

The Alexandra Institute is owned by the Aarhus University Research Foundation and operates on ordinary market terms. As a partly philanthropic company, they invest their earnings in new research, as well as digital market-oriented commercial services.

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