No more passwords

LocalID is the easiest tool for implementing secure two-factor authentication with certificates for a passwordsless future.

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Getting rid of passwords

Liga LocalID is developed to be part of true and secure passwordless authentication strategy with as much automation as possible. It enables small and medium-sized businesses to significantly increase security without changing the basic IT infrastructure of the organization.

This is done by the employee issuing a chip card with a self-selected PIN code. The chip card can now be used for secure two-factor access, both in the corporate network and from home with two-factor remote access.

The use of passwords is completely eliminated, and the use of signing and encrypting emails adds another layer of security that ensures the integrity of both communication and data.

Security and convenience

Liga LocalID replaces SMS, OTP and similar token solutions and offers true two-factor security, where the user uses his personal PIN code together with a smart card to log in.

In companies with shared workstations, the challenge is that many employees also share the same login credentials. This poses both a security risk and a lack of traceability. How will you know which user logged in to the system and who did what?

Liga LocalID solves this by giving each employee a password-free login method that can be used on shared workstations in any environment – with ease. The combination of a chip card and a PIN code is convenient for the user and raises the robustness of the entire organization.

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Liga LocalID is the easiest tool for implementing secure
two-factor authentication with certificates for
a passwordsless future.

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Easy get started, easy to use

Liga LocalID is installed on the user’s computer. The process of onboarding and creation of the chip card takes less than 10 minutes. The user creates a personal, secret PIN code for use with the chip card when authenticating to the Active Directory.

This provides a high level of security with minimal effort. The organization can add physical access to buildings, follow-me print and much more to the list of functionalities.

The card is not locked for individual solutions so if, for example, you want to use the card as a local payment card for canteen, training facilities or other services at the workplace, this can then be added.


  • Windows two-factor authentication
  • Email encryption and signing
  • Integration with Microsoft RDP, Citrix and VMware for remote working
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Enables single sign-on (SSO) in cooperation with a local Identity Provider(IdP)
  • Asymmetric encryption for strong, certificate based authentication

of LocalID

No need for frequent changes of passwords

Native support for VMware Horizon and Citrix

Native two-factor authentication

auto sign out with chip card removal policy

Equipped for the use of certificates everywhere

True single sign-on enabled

Encrypted authentication certificates

Integrates with ADFS

Passwordsless login to windows

Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory


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