MFA for Microsoft with Smart Cards

Multi-factor Authentication is mandatory for any business that are serious about their IT security. The use of Smart Cards provides the most secure and reliable technology – and it’s already supported by your platform.

Chip and GSM chip

Be smart about security

Multi-factor authentication that are both secure and convenient? Yes! A smart card with a PIN is the most secure MFA solution on the market. It replaces your password and speeds up your logins.

The technology is already supported by Windows and thousands of applications, and smart cards are used by organizations of any size across industries.


There are plenty of MFA solutions out there, but only smart cards provide strong authentication using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based X.509 digital certificates. This is the most secure method available.


share passwords via SMS and email


hacking incidents caused by stolen and reused passwords

555 M

number of stolen passwords on the dark web since 2017


attacks blocked by multifactor authentication

MFA for Microsoft

Smart cards are supported out of the box by Windows. No additional software needs to be installed and maintained. Authentication to Azure and O365 is also supported.

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Remove the pain of dealing with ever-changing, complex passwords. One PIN code is all you need. The use of smart cards is the foundation of a secure single sign-on experience.

Modern card readers are available in many varieties. They are often embedded in laptops and are available as contactless readers with NFC or Bluetooth or as tiny USB sticks and keys.

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