New CEO at Liga

Liga ApS has undergone a reorganization aimed at driving business development and expansion at the company. Jens Nielsen has been promoted to CEO while Bjarke Alling will be Chairman of the Board, concentrating on business development and growth.

An ambitious growth strategy means that Liga ApS is shuffling management positions. Founder Bjarke Alling will now become Chairman of the Board instead of CEO and have responsibility for business development, including sales of Liga’s own solution for eliminating passwords – SmartSignatur.

The new CEO of Liga is Jens Nielsen, who was internally recruited from a position as sales director and has a long track record in the IT industry, including the past 14 years at Liga.

Jens Nielsen’s job will be to take care of trading products, while Bjarke Alling develops the product SmartSignatur and automates the sale of broadline products.

“Our business concept works very well in Denmark. One of my most important tasks will be to expand it in the Nordic region and, within four to five years, to other European countries,” says Jens Nielsen.

New, innovative business model

The reorganization is part of a new, innovative business model that creates expansion in the form of new products, new services, a presence in the Nordic countries and, ultimately, more European countries.

The business model is three-pronged, according to Bjarke Alling:

“We’ll enter into partnerships with producers when it comes to sales and marketing. That way we’ll share the risk involved in developing a new market.

“When we automate the sale of broadline products, we make it possible to continue to run a profitable business even when margins are under pressure. And our ambition is to make it as easy to buy a piece of enterprise software online as it is to buy an airplane ticket.

“Finally, the strategy involves developing and marketing Liga’s own product SmartSignatur,” explains  Bjarke Alling, Chairman of the Board at Liga ApS.

About Liga:
Since 1999, Liga has provided software for business use in the Nordic region. Today our products are focused in the areas of identity, mobility, and IT security. We sell all of our products through dealers. We work every day with the communication of news and information about our technologies. We offer technical training and get actively involved in sales campaigns and getting deals done.

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