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Classic password reset solutions do not guarantee the user’s identity. This can compromise the user account opening to data leaks and severe security issues. Using a trusted eID solves this.

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Can you trust me?

Password reset is a daily occurrence in every company. The process is often straight forward but it can also be an attack vector for hackers. This is the case because the reset process can initialized by anybody without validating their identity.

Introducing a trusted eID into the process guarantees that the password reset is performed by the right real-life person.

Get reset

The password reset with eID is done in three easy steps:


The employee goes to the web portal accessible from any device.


The employee is then prompted to use a personal eID to the confirm the identity.


Once confirmed, trust is established, and the employee can select a new password.

Who do you trust

Some of the biggest data breaches in history have their origins in insecure user accounts. The digital identity is the new perimeter and with increased vulnerability also comes the duty to act.

A process like resetting your password might seem a minor event, but it can be used for stealing credentials if necessary security measures are not in place.

The user’s identity needs to be verified by a trusted source to prevent this. Trusted eIDs can be issued by private companies as well as national governments.

This trust is then inherited in the digital user account within the company.

Trust is the foundation
for a zero trust framework

With our GlobalID Identity Platform we support a wide range of trusted eIDs across national borders. Trust isn’t earned, it’s inherited. eID
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