Region Central: No problems with NemID

Region Central in Denmark is saving on working hours and administration time with SmartSignatur

“The best thing about SmartSignatur is the flexibility it lets us build into our systems,” says Henrik Jordt, head of Region Central’s IT Development, Architecture, and Design.

In Central Denmark Region, about 11,300 employees use SmartSignatur when they log on with NemID Employee Signature.

The process is so simple that employees don’t even notice they are using SmartSignatur. But SmartSignatur’s smooth process means that the region saves on both working hours and resources.

Issued with no waiting period

The previous procedure for NemID Employee Signature required a digital order, and then a wait of a couple of days before the signature was delivered in the post, says Jordt. But SmartSignatur is much faster, so that the employee can get started right away:

“We can do it in a few hours. As soon as the order is approved by the service desk here in the region, the employee gets an email with a link where they can activate SmartSignatur with their personal NemID – and they’re ready to go. And if they’re one of the few people without a personal NemID, they can get a PIN at the service desk,” Jordt says.

Automatically annulled when the employee leaves

When the employee is no longer entitled to a digital signature, the process is even simpler. “When the employee leaves his or her position, the SmartSignatur is automatically annulled,” Jort explains.

Easy for employees

“As an employee you won’t even necessarily know that you are using SmartSignatur. You long on to your PC and type in your usual password. You can do that from any one of the region’s PCs, wherever you’re sitting,” says Jordt, and adds: “You also don’t have to sit and wait 15 seconds for a log-in box to show up on the screen.”

Time is money

He doesn’t have figures on how many hours – and how much money – the region has saved since it began to use SmartSignatur in 2005.

“We haven’t calculated it, but we have saved a lot of administration hours. We have also saved a lot of employee time. And we have saved money since the administration of the digital signature is built into the IT system we use for access management,” says Jordt.

About SmartSignatur

SmartSignatur helps employees helps employees confirm their identity digitally. SmartSignatur makes it easy for people who need to identify themselves – and secure for the organization that requires the identification. SmartSignatur issues and automatically maintains digital employee signatures.

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