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Here you’ll find answers to the questions most often asked about SmartSignatur. If you don’t see the answer to your question, you’re welcome to contact us.

SmartSignatur keyhanger


What is SmartSignatur?
SmartSignatur is an overall solution to achieve secure digital identity in both private companies and public organizations. SmartSignatur consists of a combination of soft and hardware products from Liga Software, Micro Focus, Cryptovision, Certgate, Idvation and others. With SmartSignatur you can eliminate passwords while increasing security and user-friendliness.
Do we need to replace our current IT system?
No. SmartSignatur works directly in connection with your existing infrastructure and usually you will only need to make configuration changes.
Is it expensive?
No. SmartSignatur can be purchased as both an ordinary software product with a license and follow-up maintenance and support, or as a subscription package that includes both updates and support. The price can be negotiated based on procurement agreements, such as SK and volume agreements.
Is it secure enough?
It’s always a good idea to ask if there is enough security. SmartSignatur’s model ensures that as an organization, you have digital security from every side. It is important to keep an eye on the overall life cycle of an identity in order to achieve both good security and effective digitalization.
What is a digital certificate?
A digital certificate is an electronic identification. It can be issued to a person, an organization, a computer program, or a thing that has a unique identity. A digital certificate contains information like who sent out the certificate and who it can identify, but it also contains a public encryption key. The certificates that SmartSignatur products use are usually the type “X509”.

Chip card

What is a chip card?
A chip card is also called a smart card. It is a plastic card with a microcomputer built in. This little computer works when it gets power from a physical or contactless card reader. Data up to 80kb can be saved within this little computer. In one part of the memory area, the user’s private key(s) are generated and stored. These are protected by the chip card’s special architecture and require the user’s personal PIN to be used. If the PIN is entered incorrectly more than three times, the chip card will be automatically blocked. This happens within the card itself. The PC using the card can only access it via a standard API (PKCS#11, Minidriver, Crypto Token). You cannot copy a chip card.
Does a chipcard work as standard with Windows PCs?
In order for the card to work with Windows, the machine needs to have previously installed the necessary drivers so the card can be read. It’s no different than other type of hardware. Microsoft Windows supports all functions with a chip card as standard.
Is it a lot of trouble to issue physical cards?
Users can issue a card to themselves via the SmartSignatur self-service solution. All it requires is access to a PC with a card reader or access to a SmartSignatur self-service kiosk.
Do I need a card reader?
Yes, it is required. There are many different types of card readers. You can get physical USB readers as well as readers that work via the Bluetooth, SIM and MicroSD formats. You can also get a NFC reader for contactless cards. Many business laptop computers today have a chip card reader built in as standard. Liga has put together a little overview of the various types of card readers available:Cards, card readers, card printers.pdf
How long does an identity card last?
A cheap, simple card is easier to ruin than a powerful, official card. A card that will be used frequently should be produced in a good quality and at the same time this will give it an official appearance. Just like a bank payment card. These usually stand up to daily usage for many years.
What happens if I forget my card?
Ordinary employee cards are easy to forget. But a card that is important for the employee and that is frequently used isn’t forgotten all that often. It’s on the same level as a wallet, debit card, keys, and telephone. People rarely forget these things. If it should happen anyway, it’s easy to issue a replacement and the old card is simultaneously deactivated.
What happens if I can’t remember my PIN?
Most people are good at remembering their PIN if it is important. With a SmartSignatur eID solution, the card will be in use on a regular basis. If a user either forgets a PIN or enters it incorrectly three times, it’s very easy to issue a new card. Employees can do it themselves via the SmartSignatur self-service solution.

Chip cards and security

Are chip cards secure?
Yes, they generally are. It is true that there are chip cards that are considered insecure, usually those based on old RFID or similar technologies. These should be used only as a simple replacement for physical keys. The cards that SmartSignatur uses are secure and use a much more advanced card with a built-in microprocessor and complex encryption. SmartSignatur’s card is EAL 4+ certified and used all over the world for PAS, national ID cards, bank payment cards and other high-security applications.
Can a chip card be copied?

No. Read “Are chip cards secure?” above. Only simple RFID, Mifare and similar cards can be copied. A chip card with a PKI chip can NOT be copied.

How does it work with a chip card and 2 factor ID?

It’s very simple. A chip card consists of something you have (the physical card with an independent microcomputer) and something you know (your personal and self-chosen PIN).

Isn’t a SMS code a lot easier?
SMS codes are a practical 2-factor solution in many situations. But SMS codes are less efficient when you need to send a new code many times in the course of a workday. SMS codes also have a limited scope. They can only be used for user validation and they require users to keep entering their user name and password.
Can’t a PIN be stolen with a keylogger?
Yes, like with any other types of IT you can drill the lock open, but….if you have a keylogger on your machine, the cybercriminal already has full access to everything that takes place on your PC. Whether the chipcard can be used by others is secondary in that situation. See also the question, ”What is a secure PIN?”
What is a secure PIN?
A secure PIN is a solution in which the PIN to your chip card is entered into the card reader instead of the PC keyboard. The method is similar to a credit card terminal in a shop. That means a cybercriminal cannot read the PIN from the user’s PC. Secure PIN is supported as standard in SmartSignatur products.

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