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Soliton is Japan’s Number One IT Security Solution Provider

As a leading Japanese technology company serving many industries across the globe, Soliton has pioneered IT security solutions for protecting company resources and data from external IT security threats – also in Europe. Soliton’s solutions is focused on IT security, mobile broadcasting and mobile surveillance.

Network Access Security

Your company’s network contains valuable data and resources that should only be accessible to people and devices that are properly authenticated and authorized. The purpose of network security is to protect this network and its elements from unauthorized access and breaches that may lead to the loss of data, revenue, and even reputation damage.

Remote Access Security

Your office is everywhere. No need to expand to foreign countries and new cities: you’re already there! Your people work form home and use their laptops on a plane while your customers install your apps on their way to the supermarket.
It enables you to reach customers and employees wherever they are, gather data from them and use the information to become better, bigger and build a more trustworthy brand.

Cloud Access Security

Cloud computing allows your employees to access their resources, by default remotely and at any time using the Internet. To secure working remotely, businesses need to implement user access controls and unified access policies for resources residing in the cloud and the data centre.
Cloud Access Security solutions ensure that only authorized users with compliant devices can access applications and services in the cloud or data centre.

Network Access Control Security

With Soliton you can take control over the access to your network

Network Access Control relieves a lot of access worry without complexity and hassle. Whether an HR intern is accessing the network from their smartphone, a freelance web designer is connected to the system on their own laptop, or the CFO is doing a deep dive into the company cash flow: correct BYOD and employee versus non-employee access is ensured.

How does Network Access Control work?

Malware can’t get in on its own, meaning it needs to ride along with something or someone. But as this something (e.g. a printer) or someone (e.g. an employee) tries to come into the network, it first comes up against a Network Access Control solution.

This means that it runs into a virtual customs that uses pre-defined rules to check whether the user and his device comply with corporate security policies. It can tell who the user is, whether he uses a laptop, PC or tablet and whether he connects to the company network through cable, Wi-Fi or VPN. Users and devices that are cleared can come in, but only to specific network sections

The great thing is, that this all happens before any connection is made between the device and the network. It’s why this type of Network Access Control (called port-based NAC) is so effective in managing users and devices in and around your company walls. And it gets even better: today’s NAC solutions are often automated too.

Remote Access Control Security

With G/On there is no need for VPN

In one integrated solution, G/On features two-factor authentication, data encryption, network protection, and application access and authorization. Compared to a “best of breed” approach where multiple, different products are pieced together, G/On makes it much simpler to implement, manage and control access to company data and applications..

With G / On there is no need for VPN, you get 2 factor authentication and the ease of single sign on.

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Remote Acces Security

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