Sophos Firewall Hardware Promo + Free Phish Threat license package

Sophos Hardware Promo + Free Phish Threat

Firewall hardware with extra discount, plus free Sophos Phish Threat license package

You’ve picked the perfect time if you are currently planning to set up a Sophos firewall for one of your customers to protect their company data.

This special promotion is only valid until August 2, 2018 and includes, in addition to a discount on our appliances, a free Sophos Phish Threat license package for 50 users. This practical tool is a simple way for companies to raise awareness among employees about the threats in their virtual mailbox by creating deceptively real-looking phishing emails with a couple of clicks.


Benefit now from our offer:

Desktop Appliances:

SG/XG 1xx – Revision number 2.
XG85/XG85w – Revision number 1.


  • 20% discount on the hardware appliance*. In addition, you’ll receive a free one-year Sophos Phish Threat subscription license for 50 users.
    *Discount only applies to the hardware appliance.


  • Purchase a three-year TotalProtect or TotalProtect Plus bundle with SG/XG 1.xx (rev. 2) or XG85/XG85w (rev. 1) and only pay the subscription price for FullGuard or FullGuard Plus. In addition, you’ll receive a free one-year Sophos Phish Threat subscription license for 50 users.


This only concerns SG/XG 1.xx (rev. 2) or XG85/XG85w (rev. 1) while stocks last. These products represent remaining stock. When purchasing an XG environment, we recommend: Enhanced to Enhanced Plus Upgrade – this ensures Support and RMA for both appliances and every connected RED/AP.

Use our promo offer and make your customers aware of our Sophos SG/XG Firewall. To take advantage of this promotion, add the promo code SG_XG_DesktopPromo to your order. This offer is only valid while stocks last and only for the SG and XG Firewall revisions mentioned. If you have any questions about the promo, we will be happy to oblige.

Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion is valid for a limited period from 02.03.2018 – 02.08.2018 with participating distributors in Nordics and Eastern Europe.
  • This promotion only applies to direct orders placed with Sophos through distributors. Resale prices are at the discretion of the parties in the supply
    chain and cannot be guaranteed by Sophos.
  • The offered hardware XG/SG 1xx appliances (rev. 2) and XG85/XG85w (rev. 1) on offer represent remaining stock and the offer is valid only while
    stocks last.
  • This offer cannot be combined with other Sophos promotions or incentives. This offer does not apply to orders or transactions made on an earlier
    date, outside the time frame of the offer.
  • Projects exceeding €2,500 must be reported to Sophos and shall receive the additional Deal Registraion Bonus after inspection and approval.
    In the event of disagreements regarding this offer or its conditions, Sophos’ decision shall be final and binding.