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Liga’s customers have access to 1st level support at Liga if the support is about a product with an active maintenance agreement.

You can contact us via the form or by phone +45 35 36 95 05 or +46 8 669 75 75 within normal working hours. We strive to respond as soon as possible.

For other questions, we refer to the vendor’s support, which is usually stated on the license certificate and the vendor’s website.

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Tech videos

Collection of up-to date videos about the Liga GlobalID and the Liga ID products.

Liga GlobalID Virtual Architecture

In this Liga Tech Video we show how the Liga GlobalID Virtual Architecture are put together from a conceptual perspective including the integration to both Micro Focus and Microsoft products.

Microsoft Active Directory Integration

In this Liga Tech Video we show how Liga GlobalID is integrating with Microsoft Active Directory and how it is working with the Windows 10 Desktop for passwordless login.

Micro Focus Access Manager and eDirectory Integration

In this Liga Tech Video we show how Liga GlobalID is integrated with Micro Focus Access Manager and Micro Focus eDirectory.

Liga ID early preview

This Liga Tech Video shows an early preview of the upcoming Liga ID product for Secure mobile authentication and encrypted messaging service.

Liga GlobalID Overview

In this Liga Tech Video we show an overview of Liga GlobalID. Get an understanding of how Liga GlobalID works and what benefits you can get by using the product.

Card readers

We show you some of the different card readers that can be used with a chip card to logon to a PC. As you will see, card readers come in many shapes and sizes. From build in readers and regular ones with USB connection and NFC to wireless ones connecting by Bluetooth. 

Chip and Keys

Chip and keys. How do they work? In the video we explain how the chip works, how smart cards work, how asymmetric key works and how you get it all connected in a clever way to increase your cyber security and make the life of your users even more easy.

the excellent log in

The Excellent Log in is both easy and convenient for the individual user. It is both “passwordless” and “nameless”. It’s fast and it’s flawless. But most importantly. It makes your organization better in protecting against several ways in which cybercriminals work.

tiltet whitepaper
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A World with Validated Identities

Securing all user accounts is the most urgent cyber security issue for any organisation. This whitepaper from German analysts KuppingerCole discusses the approach to operationalizing validated identities, to enable more efficient work while significantly increasing security.

NSIS & NemLog-in3


Anskaf din NSIS eller NemLog-in3 løsning til særpris netop nu, hvis du arbejder kommunalt eller i uddannelsessektoren.

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