Switch to Sophos and get a free firewall appliance

Replace your current firewall with an XG Firewall from Sophos and receive up to 100% discount on the hardware.

Limited Time Offer: Free Hardware When You Switch to Sophos

New firewall customers switching from a competitive firewall to Sophos get up to a 100% discount on an XG Series appliance when purchased with the relevant two- or three-year subscription for FullGuard, FullGuard Plus, EnterpriseGuard, or EnterpriseGuard Plus.

Get Your Discount

How to use this offer: 

  1. Place an order with Liga quoting the relevant promo code.
  2. Include the brand, model, and serial number of the competitive appliance you are replacing.

Two-year Renewal Subscription

Qualifying ProductsQualifying Discount %Promo Code
FullGuard Plus50%UKIN_ HW50__FGP
EnterpriseGuard Plus50%UKIN_ HW50__ EGP

Three-year Renewal Subscription

Qualifying ProductsQualifying Discount %Promo Code
FullGuard Plus100%UKIN_XG_HWFREE_3Y_FGP
EnterpriseGuard Plus100%UKIN_XG_HWFREE_3Y_EGP


  • This offer is only available for customers who do not currently own a Sophos XG Firewall.
  • You must provide proof that you are replacing a competitive firewall (e.g., model and serial number).
  • This offer is valid for all current XG Series appliances except 86/86w/106/106w/all Enterprise Guard appliances.