Sophos Threat Hunting Academy

Over 4 live and interactive sessions, we’ll look at why more data is better when you’re threat hunting, from emails to endpoints to firewalls, and how you can harness the power of Sophos XDR to level up your defenses. Whether you joined us for Season 1 or not, there’s plenty to learn here which will give you the expertise needed to conduct an active threat hunt and learn how to stop attackers in their tracks

sophos central endpoint

Sophos Central Endpoint Customer Promotion

Your customers business is their world, and every measure they’ve taken is a step in the right direction. It’s important to ensure they keep up that momentum and maximise their cybersecurity defences against phishing and ransomware. Maximise your customers’ IT security posture with Sophos Mobile or Sophos Email, and benefit from an increase in sales.

Sophos break a hackers heart


If you get hit by a ransomware attack and pay the blackmail demand, what happens next? We decided to find out by asking people who had already faced this dilemma and what they told us might surprise you!

Sophos MSP maximize your profitability

Maximize your MSP Profitability with Sophos

IT Security as a Managed Service is getting more and more relevant, especially with customers working from home worldwide these days. Sophos gives you the possibility to offer your customers more flexibility and efficiency in our convenient monthly billing model. This will boost your MSP revenue and lower costs.

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