Use your employees’ skills for the wrong thing

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– and stop innovation and change once and for all.

Innovation and change are popular buzzwords – but they require time and effort. If you want to make sure that your employees don’t have time to think differently, or to develop or adopt changes, make sure to keep their thoughts occupied with something else.

One effective way to keep them distracted is with IT security, rights, access demands and passwords. Make it as difficult as possible to give your employees access to the required IT systems. Passwords can’t be re-used, of course, and must be renewed every three months – for security reasons, naturally.

Rights to the necessary IT systems should not be easy to get, and under no conditions should be granted automatically. That way you keep your employees busy for several hours – not to mention the time they spend twiddling their thumbs while they wait to begin work – and as a side benefit you’ll keep 3-4 staffers in the IT department occupied for years. They’ll enjoy that!

They’ll also really love the manual work necessary to cut off IT access again when an employee no longer needs it.

This way you can guarantee that not just ordinary workers, but your IT department as well will feel buried in administrative tasks, and will have no time at all to think about better user interfaces, customer service, innovation, process optimization or anything else that is cutting-edge or necessary for the company or organization’s future progress.

Give your employees extra energy

Last year I spoke with the former CISO of GSK and BP, now professor at Royal Holloway, University of London – Paul Dorey (LinkedIn). He used the expression “Security enables innovation”. I’ll rephrase that as “Enhanced security makes change possible.”

What he said after that was even more interesting. He said that employees are ingenious enough to get an overview of the latest security challenges as long as the framework can guarantee that no one can go outside it or can make fatal errors. In his personal experience, when the framework worked well employees found their own way to methods that worked for them personally. Mail encryption, for example, or digital signatures.

Enhanced security makes change possible

Employees need to have space to grow and think – otherwise they cannot handle change. Today IT security is an enormously complex area and every loyal employee feels a responsibility to the company. When IT security isn’t simple because it hasn’t been modernized by, for example, getting rid of passwords, or by using digital signatures and automatic user and rights management, the individual employee doesn’t have the mental capacity for other necessary steps forward.

Blog by CEO of Liga Software, Bjarke Alling

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