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This video will give you a brief view on the Liga GlobalID product. We will highlight what it is GlobalID does to secure user accounts against a number of today’s cyber threads. These threads can be met by a modern technology that brings better identity verification, identity trust and identity validation in a robust system that maintain the full identity lifecycle.

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In this Liga Tech Video we show an overview of Liga GlobalID. Get an understanding of how Liga GlobalID works and what benefits you can get by using the product.

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This video shows how Liga LocalID is installed and works and how it is convenient for the user to use. The LocalID application is running in user space on a Windows domain joint PC, using the information it gets from the Active Directory Certificate Authority service in your Windows environment. LocalID is a simple application adding a little more security to your Microsoft environment.

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The Excellent log in:

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This Liga Talk is about bad things that can happen. It is about the connection between ransomware attacks, identity management, and Microsoft Active Directory in enterprises of all sizes. Ligas Bjarke Alling looks at some of the major ransomware attacks there has been lately and give his afterthoughts to what could have been done differently with the tools that we have inside the identity and access management toolbox.

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I denne video viser vi hvad vi opfatter som “Det Gode Login”. Det Gode Login er både nemme og bekvemme for den enkelte bruger. Det er både “passwordless” og “nameless”. Det er hurtigt og det er fejlfrit. Men mest vigtigt. Det gør din organisation bedre beskytter overfor adskillige måder som cyberkriminelle arbejder på.

Det gode login du vil se i denne video er login på Windows PC, login på Browser, login på iPad og smartphone, samt login på Remote desktop og VMware Horizon.

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Nemlog-in3 systemet erstatter det nuværende NemID medarbejdersignatur som mange anvender i hverdagen. Der nye system er på vej og Liga giver her sit syn på hvad status er på det nye system. Vi giver et kort indblik i hvorfor Nemlog-In3 og hvad Nemlog-In3 er, samt dets sammenkædning med MitID og NSIS. Hvordan med den tekniske integration til Nemlog-In3 med fokus på Lokal IdM og Lokal IdP. Vi ser på risikovurdering og hvorfor det betyder alt at gå fra rød risiko til grøn, samt hvilke forretningsværdier og hvilke to-dos der er for offentlige og private virksomheder.

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Webinar recording af Nemlog-in3 og strategien:

Webinar recording af Nemlog-In3 og arkitekturen:

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Trust isn’t earned, it’s inherited. Identity and access management is all about making sure users have access to what they need – and when they need it. This is one of the most significant improvements that IT can bring to your organization. But it comes with a security dilemma: how to you know if the user account is being used by the right person?

The use of electronic identification (eID) such as BankID or MitID on top of your IAM solution allows you to prove the identity of all users at any given time. This way you can maximize the potential of your IAM investment and ensure compliance.

Onboarding staff, customers, and business partners with eID validation makes sure that the user account can be trusted. It’s tied together with a real-life person – and the right one too.


Topics we’ll cover:

How the combination of eID and IAM leads to better security

A Zero Trust perspective on KYC (Know You Customer), KYB (Know Your Business) and KYE (Know your Employee)

How eIDs can be used for onboarding, re-validation, re-activation and password reset

Better cyber resilience through automation and removal of manual steps

How eIDs can improve your data quality

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