Why Rastec chose precisely this backup solution for its smaller customers

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Rastec already had two backup solutions in its product line.

So what did it want with Acronis Backup Cloud?

“We had a highly functional service solution for larger customers. But for smaller customers, the start-up investment was too big – there was the fee to the provider, the cost of a server at the customer’s location, and our own labor costs. It just didn’t make sense for them.

“So we had another solution for smaller companies. But we didn’t like it very well – it was too unstable,” says Peter Sjøgren, the owner of Rastec, an IT company in Northern Denmark that sells complete IT solutions, in particular IT services.

What it all boils down to is that Rastec wanted to be able to offer an easy and highly functional backup service to smaller firms, such as dentists and engineering companies.

“When we sell backups, we do it as a service. That means that the customer doesn’t have to keep an eye on things or do anything at all. We take care of everything!” says Peter.

New legislation created a pressing need

New EU legislation has increased the requirements for companies when it comes to sensitive personal information, and that made the need for a better solution even more pressing. This legislation affects large numbers of companies, including dentists and doctors.

“You have to be able to recreate sensitive information and provide adequate protection for sensitive data,” says Peter from Rastec.

And that means a proper backup is necessary.

“Then Jens and Bjarke from Liga introduced us to the Acronis Backup Cloud…”

Through Jens and Bjarke from Liga, Rastec heard about something that might meet Rastec’s needs – the Acronis Backup Cloud.

You can offer an understandable price. The customer can see how much data they have and how much it will cost them

Before Rastec decided to sell backups from Acronis as a cloud service, it thoroughly tested the solution and compared to the product they were already selling.

“The Acronis user interface is simpler. The set-up is easier. We create a user, they download the software, and it runs.”

And then there is the pricing: “You can offer an understandable price. The customer can see how much data they have and how much it will cost them.”

The decision wasn’t difficult.

15-20 customers

Now Rastec offers backup service to 15-20 customers with the help of Acronis Backup Cloud.

“It’s wonderfully easy. You don’t have to set up a server. You just put it on a single machine and then the data transfers automatically to the EU cloud,” says Peter.

What have you done to sell it?

“We haven’t done that much – it’s not a product that requires a lot of selling. Our philosophy is that we help customers with what they need, and if we think we can serve them best with the help of Acronis Backup Cloud, we recommend that.”

Jens Nielsen

Are you interested in using Acronis Backup Cloud for your own company?
Then write Jens Nielsen, his email is: jn@liga.com or call him:     +45 26 20 95 06

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